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Whether you are after a beautiful, natural stone patio, a traditional garden path or a more contemporary design for your garden terrace, Natural Paving Installations have the experience and materials to create your dream outdoor space. We can also help you plan and build high quality, attractive lawn-edging, hard-standings and driveways.

Having the benefit of being in partnership with the Natural Paving Store we are able to offer many services bespoke to you, our customer,  and your individual needs.  Why don’t you pop along to our showroom to discuss you requirements and our experts will be on hand to offer advice and show the products available to you. 

Porcelain Paving?

Simply put – if you want that extra WOW factor, porcelain paving delivers it in droves! Unlike regular stone or concrete paving slabs, porcelain paving is non-porous, meaning porcelain has a ridiculously low absorption rate, which in turn, means it’s resistant to regular staining. Did we mention it’s also moss and frost proof?

We’ve created the following list to explain precisely why porcelain paving is amazing:

Natural Stone Installations?

You needn’t be a paving expert to know that natural stone paving slabs are  a popular, yet unique, paving choice, these natural stone patio slabs are known for their durability, hard-wearing nature, versatility and natural beauty for any outdoor finish.

Not only are they fantastic to look at, stone pavers are also easy to maintain, naturally frost-resistant and, to top it off, ethically sourced.

With this in mind, you shouldn’t be afraid to mix things up if you want to combine new and old looks. For instance, our natural limestone pavers evoke a subtle beauty – ideal for both contemporary and classic gardens.

In terms of practicality, one of the best stone pavers for patios is sandstone. Naturally stunning, sandstone paving is known for their long-lasting and reliable properties – they’re also easy to clean and maintain. Similarly, slate paving slabs are a durable patio material which, due to their low water absorption, won’t become damaged after a bout of frost or the great British weather.

From limestone to sandstone, you’ll find a array of quality natural stone pavers in our collection.